a history of the samosa

The Samosa. 

Created in the 9th century by Persian artisans, this neatly folded, tightly packed savoury goodness has remained untouched and unchanged.

The stuffed triangle has travelled far and wide, gaining widespread popularity, serving people from around the globe, gaining new nicknames along the way.

Originally named samsa, after the pyramids in Central Asia, historical accounts also refer to it as sanbusaksanbusaq or even sanbusaj, all deriving from the Persian word, sanbosag. 

One may suggest, it was made perfect and we've received it as it was intended to be.

the reinvention

Slightly alarming and somewhat concerning, the SamosaBoy story is one of comical descent, two friends, one idea, zero experience - to re-invent the samosa.

Wildly ambitious, stupidly naive, we followed this story of uphill struggle for 24 months. With months of experimental failures, half baked samosas, 100's of flavour combinations, taste tests and feedback - in the most unlikely turn of events, we'd say it's official, the samosa has been touched and changed; reinvented.

SamosaBoy is a celebration of the samosa in a way it's never been experienced before. Truly inexplicable, wonderful delights. Join us on this journey of samosa filled joys!

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